Istikhara Signs & Myths about Online Istikhara

There are many rumors and myths about Istikhara signs spread by fake Amils and so-called Rohani scholars. In this blog post, we will tell the truth about Istikhara signs and myths about istikhara.

Istikhara Signs in Dream

It is the most common rumor about Istikhara that you will get the signs only in your sleep. It is just a rumor and not a reality. Once you perform Istikhara, you can get the signs in any form. You can get the signs in a dream too, but that’s only one possibility. If you have asked Allah for his counsel, He will reply to you. You just have to find the signs He is showing you. When you have performed Istikhara a few times, you will get the answers in your heart. Allah will turn your heart towards what is best for you.

Results in One Day

In some cases, one-time Istikhara is enough to get the results. But for most cases, it is unrealistic to get Istikhara results in an hour or one day. Istikhara can take some time depending upon your peace and clarity of mind. People who are offering Istikhara results in one hour or one day are fake. They just want to take your money and are not concerned with your problem. Do not take Istikhara service from such people; it is a waste of time and money.

The Reality of Online Istikhara

Online Istikhara has become a reality now. As information technology has progressed, our lives have evolved with it. People are offering and getting online Istikhara services on the internet. We say if you want to counsel Allah then you should perform Istikhara on your own. You understand your problem and circumstances better. So, if you have to choose between two and you have asked Allah to guide what is good for you. He will listen to you and turns your heart towards what is good for you. We recommend always prefer performing Istikhara by yourself.

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