Things You Need to Know to Save Your Kidneys

Kidneys are the filters of the human body. In this article, we will be sharing the function of the kidneys. Also about diseases and factors that can cause kidney damage.

Kidneys Function in Your Body

Kidneys regulate fluid levels in the body. It filters blood waste and toxins, releases a hormone to regulate blood pressure. It Activates vitamin D maintains bones and keep them healthy. It also releases the hormone that helps in the production of red blood cells. It keeps blood minerals like sodium, phosphorus, potassium in balance. Some people use the online Rohani ilaj method to cure diseases. You can also use this treatment to save your kidneys.

Diseases That Can Cause Kidney Damage

1. Heart disease

2. High blood pressure

3. Heart attack and stroke

4. Weak bones

5. Low red blood cells

6. Nerve damage (neuropathy)

7. Kidney failure

You can save yourself from kidney damage by controlling a few things in your life. Need to do regular exercise to maintain blood sugar and Decrease the amount of salt in your food to control your blood pressure. 

Factors that Can Cause Diseases

There are 5 Main Risk Factors that you need to study to check how much risk you have of kidney failure. 

1. Diabetes 

2. High blood pressure 

3. Heart disease 

4. Family history of kidney failure, high blood pressure, or diabetes

5. Obesity

If you see any of the things that you have of someone in your family for example your sisters, brothers, mother, and father then you have to be extra careful about this. So, you don’t get the same disease. If someone has diabetes in your family, you need to take steps to save yourself from diabetes. If someone in your family has high blood pressure issues then you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure and take steps if needed. And similarly heart disease, and obesity. 

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