What Islam Says about Black Magic

What is Black Magic

Black Magic is also called dark spells and Kala Jadu in the Urdu language. It is used to gain selfish desires with the help of dark supernatural powers. The one who casts Kala jadu is the follower of Satan. For black magic removal, there are many ways to do it. We will explain in the end.

Black Magic and Islam

As black magic is cast to achieve selfish deeds, it’s prohibited in Islam and the people who cast black magic are not considered Muslim. If someone wants to use black magic, he/she has to worship Satan instead of Allah. In this way, he/she goes against the teachings of Islam. It should be always kept in mind all those people around you who say they do black magic with the help of and Quran, and it is in an Islamic way. These people are frauds and they’re using the name of Islam. May Allah protect us all from evil People and evil spirits?

Signs of Black Magic

There are different signs of black magic depending on the purpose of casting black magic. But we will tell you some of the most comment signs which are visible to see when you get the prey of black magic.

 · Sudden change in eye color

 · Having bad breath

 · Having weigh problem

 · Getting Unbearable headache

 · Bad odor getting from body

 · Changes in voice

 · Having a problem of not remembering anything

 · Doing hard work but still fail in everything

 · Extreme bad luck in everything

Black Magic Removal

There are many ways of removing black magic(Kala Jadu ka tor). Reciting Surah – Al Naas keeps every day saves you from black magic. Read 4 Qul’s to eliminate the effects of Kala jadu. Reading Surah – Al Baqra daily will save you from Kala jadu. There are many ways to remove black magic in Islam. If you can’t help yourself then you can contact Black Magic Removal UK. They can help you with your hard time.

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